GHL Relax Club El Puente Hotel In Girardot, Colombia

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Spacious and with good pools
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Good and spacious pools
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We have traveled to the GHL Relax Club El Puente hotel in the city of Girardot, Colombia and we have a lot to tell you. The hotel belongs to the hotel chain GHL, is located (traveling by car) two hours from the capital of Colombia between the municipality of Ricaurte and Girardot in Cundinamarca, you can find the best price when booking directly on the hotel page ( the price varies according to the season and the type of room, there are 3 room types, Queen is for two people (it is the cheapest), the Twin room and the Superior Twin for up to 4 people. On the hotel website you can select the option to assign the room on arrival and it is a little cheaper, so you can save a little. the price per night per couple varies between 150,000 and 200,000 (about 54 to 72 dollars), it is a quite affordable price and also includes buffet breakfast. They also offer special plans if you want to celebrate a special occasion, among the plans offered on the hotel’s website are: romantic dinner plan, relaxation escape, tennis plan, birthday plan and plan to fall in love.

How to get?

Arriving at the hotel is simple, it is 2 km before you get to Girardot on the left, you must be careful not to pass because the entrance is not very signposted and the way you arrive is high speed, you must decrease the speed with anticipation and turn left.

hotel glh el puente
So you see before you arrive, the white walls are from the hotel.
ghl club el puente
Here you must turn left


Entrada a recepcion desde el parqueadero
Entrance to reception from the parking lot

When you arrive you will find the parking, a country style, surrounded by trees and in the middle the reception, modern design and well decorated. They welcome us with a tropical juice that is perfect for the heat, remember that Girardot is a pretty hot city, with an average temperature of 30 ° C.

Recepcion Hotel Ghl Relax Club El puente
Reception “Ghl Relax Club El Puente” Hotel

Adjacent to the reception is the games room where you can find pool tables, ping pong, table football and also chairs to rest. these games have service until 10:30 pm, after this time there are no activities inside the hotel, it is a hotel away from the noise of the city, designed for people who want tranquility and nature, if you like constant activity it can be a little boring, especially at night and if you do not go by private car you will be very far from the center of the city. It can also be an impediment if you plan to eat outside the hotel, later we will talk about the restaurant and its food, the plan includes breakfast and if you want to go out to eat you should look for a taxi service that takes you to the city, they pass constantly during the day and they cost between 4000 to 6000 Colombian pesos to the center of Girardot. For most people it is more convenient to use the services of the hotel restaurant.

Sala de juegos GHL el puente
Game room GHL El Puente
Game room GHL El Puente
Sala de estar hotel GHL el puente, girardot
Living room GHL Relax Club El Puente, girardot

Near the reception of the Ghl Relax Club El puente, have a garden with pedestrian path that enchants nature lovers, in the middle of it, a beach volleyball court that is not in perfect condition, the sand is very compact and with some stones, it is necessary to use some type of shoe.

cancha volleyball hotel ghl el puente
Volleyball court Ghl Relax Club El Puente hotel
Jardin hotel ghl el puente
Garden Ghl El Puente hotel

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