Location Vader Piet – Wind Turbines Aruba

Parque Nacional Arikok, Vader Piet - Aruba
Arikok National Park, Vader Piet – Aruba

Arikok National Park (Aruba) there we can find the Vader Piet wind turbines adorned with a desert fauna, with earthy colors and a beautiful blue sky, this is our first location, the contrasts and shadows of the cactus are our greatest inspiration.

Here we will have to play with the angles and lighting, this picture was taken at noon, the sun is at the zenith, so we had to look for lateral angles, so that the sun did not illuminate us from the front, achieving a wide plane of the landscape and stylized body portrait. In this place it is very windy, if you know how to handle it, it will become your best ally, we recommend you to wear summer clothes with flowing fabrics


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