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Travel & Tips is a travel channel with youtube presence, created in 2015, based in Bogotá Colombia. Dedicated to the outdoors and tourism, if you love to travel around the world and know charming places, subscribe to our channel. We will show you reviews, tips and advice on hotels, parks, museums, beaches and the best cities in the world. Do not miss it!

In this channel we are lovers of the world, we want to know the planet and show you the best!
travel with us to the best beaches, 5 star hotels and unique destinations.
If you plan to travel on your next vacation to a destination that is in our videos, see it before, know the rates, schedules and requirements of each place. We share our experience with you, so you can take advantage of your time and money.

In Travel and Tips we are lovers of tourism and to make reviews of the best hotels, flights and destinations. We show the good and the bad of the places we visit, so you can enjoy more of the positive aspects and avoid the negatives. Real and impartial content, there are already more than 3500 people who have subscribed to our channel and enjoy our contents.

Traveling is the best education, you know cultures, traditions, you learn to value everything and everyone, experiences that will accompany you throughout your life, moments that you will remember with your loved ones, do not think about it anymore! travel now