republicano 1910 hotel
republicano 1910 hotel

Republicano 1910 Hotel, Girardot, Colombia

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We visit a unique hotel, its atmosphere mixes the old republican architecture with the comfort of high quality modern elements, the perfect place to rest with your partner in the middle of a city with a great tourist tradition. The city of Girardot is very close to the capital of Colombia, about 84 km. and the hotel is located in the center of the city, a few meters from the main park, the cathedral, banks, commerce and the town hall.


Being located in the center of the city has many advantages, during the day you can visit commercial and banking establishments, learn about the history of the city, etc. at night however, it is a bit dangerous to walk so it is not recommended. It is a social issue outside the hotel so we cannot deduct points for this.


We made the reservation through a website 2 days in advance and got a great price, especially for the discounts applied throughout the country to promote tourism due to the pandemic, we paid 190,000 COP per night per couple, about 55 USD. This applies to the standard room, they also have suites available for 254,000 COP (73 usd). This rate includes breakfast for two, so it is quite cheap. You can also book directly on the hotel website:


The hotel has 20 modern rooms, it is small and therefore you will feel more privacy. Its architecture features high ceilings approximately 4 meters high on each level so even in simple rooms you will feel great spaciousness. The small standard room is recommended for couples, it has a double bed, 32 lcd tv, air conditioning, hot water and other traditional amenities. We want to highlight the quality of the bedding, mattress and pillows, I think it is one of the best we have tried, in addition to this, good cleaning facilitates a good rest. The decoration is modern and colors related to the environment, highlighting some colorful tiles in the bathroom area. If you want a room with 2 beds, there is the Twin room, it is similar to the standard, going up a level we find the superior and superior deluxe rooms that offer a king size bed, mini bar, more space and a better view.

Services and facilities

hotel Lobby
hotel Lobby

2 couples arrived in the evening, we took a standard room and a superior room, the lobby is spacious with a striking decoration, in the past it was the headquarters of a bank, then renovated and added a plant. After checking in, we went up the elevator, although we stayed on the second floor, taking suitcases up the stairs is tedious due to the high height of the floor, one floor feels like two. the standard room has a view of the city and is not so good as the sector is a bit run down, the superior room has a nice view of the pool.

The only fault with the view of the pool is its proximity to the bar and sometimes the music can disturb, however in our case it was not a bother. The next morning we had breakfast in the bar, a simple and pleasant breakfast, being a small hotel there is not much to go, however they have a spa and the terrace area offers a good and panoramic view over the city, In addition to housing sun loungers and a Jacuzzi with hydromassage, it is very comfortable to sunbathe and relax, to go up to this, you can do it in 3 ways, by elevator, by stairs inside the building or by external stairs next to the pool, We recommend the interior ones as the exterior is quite narrow and not suitable for people with a fear of heights.

Something that we feel is missing is a restaurant for lunch and dinner, not having it forces you to leave the hotel or ask for delivery with external restaurants. However, the employees will help you by recommending where to order. the bar offers juices and other drinks throughout the day, so only for meals is needed.

The central point of the hotel is its pool, small in size but with a relaxing waterfall, its depth varies from 0.7 meters to 1.5 meters. with statues of Buddhas surrounding it (for some they may be excessive), some palm trees on its side and sun chairs, a perfect relaxing place to meditate and enjoy with your partner, it is also a very photogenic and instagrammable place, it is not very recommended for young children .

pool and bar
pool and bar

The pool is surrounded by high walls of the building so it can be excellent for those who enjoy swimming but are concerned about the sun that can be very strong in this city. the walls limit the direct entry of the sun, most of the day does not arrive fully. At the other extreme are people who are looking to tan next to it, clearly here is not the best place to do it, for this it is advisable to go up to the terrace where they will enjoy the sun all day.

As for the hotel staff, they are very cordial and willing to help you, the cleanliness as mentioned above is good, it allows you to feel comfortable in all the facilities. It has Wi-Fi and free parking, without a doubt a place that we recommend to visit on your way through the traditional Girardot.

Sala de estar
Sala de estar


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