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Travel In Aerostatic Balloon In The Coffee Region, Colombia

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Hello friends of Travel & Tips, today we will make a tour of the coffee region and travel by hot air balloon. We left Bogotá at night since we have an appointment at first hour. You can travel to Armenia that is closer but we find a flight in promotion to Pereira and from there we will go by land, it is very close they are only 30 km.

You can stay in Armenia, which is a well-known city, there you will find hotels of all prices, we choose a hotel that is a little closer to the balloon’s takeoff field, and it is 2 km from the coffee park. The hotel is called “las camelias”, it is very nice, has many activities, if you are going to be out all day it can be a bit expensive since you will not take advantage of it.

The commitment to fly is to arrive super early, in the first hours of the morning, type 6 at 6:30 am, this is for several reasons, first to see an incredible sunrise and second because at this time or at the end of the afternoon the temperature It is smaller and the air currents are softer, so it is easier to control the movements of the balloon. During a balloon flight you go a little adrift, you can control the height but not the direction, the wind is the one that takes you, so it is good to travel when the currents are soft.

Llegamos al sitio de despegue del globo
We arrived at the balloon launch site


They offer several packages, the one we choose is a couple flight, it has a cost of 1’500,000 colombian pesos (500USD approx.) , we separate the quota with 300,000 and the rest is canceled on the site. We start with the inflation in which we can help. If you want more information you can visit the Globos Colombia page:

It is a very detailed procedure and with very clear steps, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes. first the balloon is unrolled on the ground and the basket is lowered.

Despliegue del globo aerostático
Balloon deployment

Then the main fan is extended and turned on so that air can enter little by little. When it is half-inflated, the burners are gently lit to heat the air and, when it is lighter, rise.


We recommend that you wear a hat to protect yourself from the heat of the burners and comfortable shoes. Also a good camera for you to record the incredible landscapes of this coffee area. It is also important that you visit this area in summer because in winter you can complicate the plans, if it rains the day of the flight, it should be postponed for another day, we had a little fear the night before as it rained heavily and during all night, we thought we would have to postpone it but fortunately around 4 in the morning it stopped, so you can see enough cloudiness at the beginning of the trip. Imagine going to another city and staying for the weather to damage the walk, find out what you can about the weather forecast on the day of flight.

The flight

After 30 minutes, the balloon will rise gently, the basket is upright and ready to board. release the moorings and the balloon takes off smoothly, it’s like you’re in an elevator, we started towards the clouds. This plan includes a beautiful detail with banners that you can select, many travelers use this detail to ask for the hand of the couple, it is an excellent idea to say yes to the marriage, in the clouds, with a beautiful view and with your partner.

Pancarta incluida en el plan
Banner included in the plan

As it rises, the landscape changes little by little, increasingly impressive and covers a greater distance. We reached an altitude of 5500 feet, it is a bit cold but the view is unbeatable and nothing better than celebrating with a toast at this height.

It is a unique experience, you feel suspended in the sky, you only hear the wind and from time to time the burners. there are no engines, the displacement is smooth contrary to going by plane, helicopter and other vehicles, you feel that you are flying or that you are levitating, it is an indescribable peace, even for people who fear the heights is of the least strong experiences since the movements they are very soft.

Desde las nubes, paseo en globo
From the clouds, balloon ride

On the descent, the pilot approaches us to the top of a tree and skillfully lands on it, then raises the balloon again and we continue the descent.

En la copa de los arboles
In the tree canopy

A soft landing and an unforgettable experience, sure you have to do it once in your life, from the landing site you are returned to your hotel if you are staying nearby or you can ask them to leave you at the entrance of the coffee park.


Coffee Park

This park is one of the great attractions of Colombia and it is good to dedicate a full day as it has many attractions both thematic and mechanical. At the moment we only have the afternoon so later we will make another trip dedicated to this park.

Parque del cafe
Coffee Park

To enter you must buy a passport that can be the basic one that includes the entrance and the trip by cable car or the multiple that includes 20 unlimited attractions and 6 attractions only once. It has a cost of 59,000 colombian pesos (19usd). If you go by car the parking costs 5000 pesos all day or 2000 pesos if you go by motorcycle.

They usually do maintenance of the attractions during the week and in the low season many are not in operation. That is why it is good to visit it in high season and on weekends. On Mondays and Tuesdays the park is usually closed so plan ahead and check the schedules on the park page.

Definitely the coffee region is a beautiful zone and we recommend you visit with time, landscapes and the kindness of the people will make us come back soon. Remember to subscribe to our channel and travel with us.


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