natural bridge aruba
natural bridge aruba

Natural Bridge, Aruba

The main bridge has collapsed.
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A new bridge is in formation
Nice view towards the sea
The route is wild and adventurous
The main attraction has collapsed

One of the classic attractions of the happy island is the Natural Bridge, in Travel & Tips we visit it and we have a lot to tell you, it is located on the eastern coast, the road to arrive is mostly paved and the last kilometers is uncovered but sedan cars usually arrive. You can hire a tour of the island that takes you to this point or rent a car. There is no public transport here, you must take one of the two options above. On the way you find desert landscapes (like most of Aruba) with beautiful inlets. When you are close to arriving, you pass very close to the ruins of the Bushiribana gold mine, you can visit them if you have time.

old natural bridge
Old Natural Bridge Collapsed

When arrive you find a large bay to park and the first thing we notice is that the bridge is collapsed, it collapsed in 2015 and for some reason we were never informed, in fact in tourist brochures they continue to promote it normally, after the small disappointment we see that there is a new bridge in formation, some call it baby bridge and although it does not have the size and majesty of its predecessor, with luck in a few thousand years the water will erode the rock to give the appearance of the old, so If you dreamed taking some nice pictures on the beach with the bridge in the background, you can not do it. sadly we did not get to know it, in fact it was the longest natural bridge in the Caribbean and it was 30 meters long.

new baby bridge
New natural baby bridge

the new bridge pitifully does not have beach under it, only a little cloudy water with some remains of garbage stuck, you must see it from above and you can not cross it since there is always the risk of collapse, in addition there are some signs that tell you this.

monticulos natural bridge
Mounds of stones, Natural Bridge

Seeing the good side, is a very nice view of the waves hitting the rocks, the sea is quite strong and is not suitable for bathing but has hypnotizing colors, even if the bridge is not there you can easily be 20 minutes watching it without moving. There are also mounds of stones created by tourists to represent that they were there. These mounds have become fashionable in many parts of the world and although you can take some beautiful pictures with them in the background, or contribute your granite, it turns out that in large quantities can affect the fauna and flora of the place, so do not exaggerate with them.

Almacen de souvenirs en natural bridge
Souvenir store in natural bridge

Because of the great heat that makes in this place you always want to drink something, in this attraction you can find a store where you can eat light things, have a drink and buy souvenirs, sell everything from t-shirts to sunscreens. also have bathroom service. The attention is very good.



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