Spratt Bight, The Best Beach In San Andres

You can spend a full day here
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la mejor playa san andres
the best beach san andres

Spratt Bight is located in the commercial center of the island of San Andres (the northern point), a beautiful beach of approximately 1.4 kilometers extending from the airport to the Lord Pierre hotel. It is the most famous beach on the island with lots of sand and a very soft surf perfect to enjoy with the family, its water is crystal clear and intense blue that adorn the scene in which the island of Jhonny falls in the background . all the route is in front of the pedestrian avenue that gives to important hotels, restaurants and stores. If you arrive to the island with few suitcases you can leave the airport, walk 3 blocks and arrive at this beautiful beach. The first thing you find is the sign “I love san andres” without a doubt you will want a picture with this beautiful sea in the background. Further on you find a very nice place to take juices, drinks in general or lunch, it is called “The islander” we recommend it.

The Islander
The Islander

Why is it the best beach?

You will find areas for everything, water sports, snorkeling area, a viewpoint and an area with only sand bed to rest. The northern part in front of the “Decameron Isleño” and even the bahia sardina hotel is preferred by most people because the beach is wider and the bottom does not have rocks or coral formations, it is good for children. On the island, all the beaches are public, so you can make use of it in front of the hotels.

If on the other hand you want coral formations and many fish for snorkeling we recommend the part that is in front of the casablanca hotel, it is essential that you use slippers for the sea since in addition to the stones and coral formations there are many hedgehogs that can hurt you if you step on them , you must be careful not to exceed the buoy, this delimits the area of bathers and dangerous to cross it since watercraft frequently pass.

zona snorkeling
snorkeling zone


If you want to rent a jet ski you can do it also on this sector, they are normally from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. The value depends on the time, for example 30 minutes has an approximate cost of 100,000 pesos, (35 dollars) this value varies constantly and increases every year. do not forget to negotiate to get a good price, you can also rent tents if you are going to be all day at the beach, if you are going to stay for a while it is better to look for shade under a palm tree, the cost of the tents is approximately 40,000 (14 dollars), per day, if you need less time does not lower the price much.

Lecho marino en spratt bight
Sea bed in spratt bight

The part of the viewpoint is very beautiful, it is a rock ledge that although it is a bit damaged by the waves and humidity, is one of the best places to see the sunrise on the island or enjoy the stars at night.

There are many sellers of tourist plans although they are not annoying, also near the hotel Lord Pierre there is a cabin where they have many packages and activities or if you prefer to be in the sand there is a volleyball court.

carpas para rentar
tents for rent

In the mornings many people go out to see the sunrise and others do sport, it is an ideal place to run, the sun rises over the horizon and the breeze helps you to mitigate the heat, as the day progresses, families arrive and shops open their doors, the Caribbean music accompanies during great part of the day and in the night it does not lower its activity because it is in front of many bars, it is a great moment to share with friends. It is recommended to go in the low season since in high it gets quite a lot of tourists and you will find little space in the shade.

It is a place where you can spend perfectly a day, the closeness, comfort and its people, make this place one of the best paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean.


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