Neusa natural park
Neusa natural park

Neusa Reservoir Natural Park, Colombia

Fresh air
A great option near Bogotá
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Low prices
Excellent landscape
Diversity of vegetation
Freedom for many activities
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If you are a nature lover looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, or if you travel to Colombia, we recommend this destination, the Neusa Reservoir Park. Located between the municipalities of Cogua and Tausa, located only 1.5 hours from Bogota, the capital of Colombia, you have no excuse not to know this charming park.


How to get?

The road to get there is simple, about 72 kilometers of which 65 are in good condition and the last 7 with lots of potholes, you can arrive by bus taking it in the transport terminal or private car. In the terminal there are two buses at day that go directly to the park or you can take a bus to zipaquirá and from there another bus to the reservoir. Do not get confused with the Neusa River Park, it is another park also managed by the CAR (Regional Autonomous Corporations) that they have built next to the river that comes out of the Dam but this is much lower, the reservoir park is practically on the top of the mountain. We recommend you to go in a private vehicle since the interior of the park is quite extensive. If you leave Bogotá you must take the North highway, then the road to Zipaquirá and finally the detour to Tausa, you can use any location service on your smartphone and you will arrive easily, there is only one toll on the route.

Taquilla Laureles, Embalse del Neusa
Laureles ticket office, Neusa Reservoir

After the junction where you start the last stretch to arrive, you start to climb gradually becoming more inclined, at the same time the landscape is better, you find rural lodgings and craft restaurants, at the end of the climb you arrive at the reservoir and its box office principal.

Taquilla Administracion, Embalse del Neusa
Administration ticket Office , Neusa Reservoir

The park located at 3100 meters above sea level has three sectors in general, one on each side of the reservoir, on the one hand we have the sector of Laureles that is the first find when you arrive, you can cross the wall of the dam and about 3 km you reach another ticket office in the sector of the administration of the park, there is the jetty, hotel and restaurant. then about 6 kilometers to the north is Chapinero, which is the best known area for camping.

If you go by public transport, you will most certainly prefer to be on laureles because of its proximity or if you go on a day trip it is also highly recommended since in Laureles you find the best diversity of vegetation, magical pine forests and you can also camp. If on the other hand you prefer comfort, rent a boat or accommodation in cabins, the administration sector and chapinero are better adapted in terms of infrastructure.


Tarifas, Embalse del Neusa
Rates, Neusa Reservoir

At the box office you buy the tickets and services you want, here we show you the rates:

  • Entry for Colombians 5500 pesos (2 USD)
  • Foreign $12500 (4 USD)
  • If you go camping and spend 1 to 3 nights it costs $ 20,000 per person (6.5 USD)
  • Burner rental per day $5000 (1.7USD)
  • Cabin accommodation for 2 people per night $134,000 (44 USD)
  • Cabin accommodation for 4 people per night $200,500 (65 USD)
  • Cabin accommodation for 6 people per night $267,500 (87 USD)
  • Cabin accommodation for 8 people per night $ 356,500 (115 USD)
Camino interior del parque
Inside road of the park

Children under 5 and adults over 65 are admitted free. Previously they charged to enter fishing poles since it was a very popular site for this, but due to the low level of the reservoir and the increase of algae, the population of fish has decreased considerably and has lost much interest to practice this activity, for that reason they do not charge the income of fishing rods. If you want to fish you can rent a boat since you have to throw your rod in the central part of the reservoir. You can enter with your pet without problem. We recommend saving the ticket since the park authorities can request it. If you want to rent a cabin, you must book 15 days in advance, you can call +57 (1) 580 11 11 or by email to

Parque embalse del neusa
neusa Reservoir park

Schedules and recommendations

Remember that this is a place of great natural value so you should not leave trash and always protect the flora and fauna of the park. this reservoir provide to several municipalities of the savannah, although it is quite low because of the summer it offers a spectacular landscape where you will surely want to take many photos. As for the schedule you can visit it any day except the first working day of the week. that is, it closes on Mondays or Tuesdays when Monday is festive. Open ticket office at 8:30 in the morning.

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