Lagomar Hotel
Lagomar Hotel

Lagomar El Peñon Hotel, Girardot Colombia

Multiple activities
Very good, whether it's a family trip or a couple
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Extensive facilities
Many activities
Variety of pools
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High price if you are not affiliated

Hello travelers, today in Travel and Tips we will visit the Lagomar El Peñón hotel, is located a few kilometers from the city of Girardot in Colombia and has a country atmosphere, it is quite spacious this built around a large lake, has 173 rooms that are divided into hotel-type rooms for 4 people maximum and cabins for more numerous groups. It is a hotel and at the same time a convention center, so the congresses and trainings that companies carry out here are very frequent, with a total of 6 meeting rooms there will always be one for your needs, the largest one with capacity for 450 people and the smallest for 10 people

Prices and rates

The Lagomar El Peñón hotel also has several types of all-inclusive plans in which the price varies from 160,000 to 290000 colombian pesos per night per person which equals between 70 and 120 dollars. This depends on whether it is high or low season and if you have any affiliation with the company, it is property to “compensar”, a compensation company in which if you are affiliated you are given great discounts according to your category. For example, if you belong to the “A” category on weekdays you pay 229,600 for one night and if you are not affiliated you would pay 419,100.

How to get?

The hotel is located to the north-west of the city of Girardot, in private car you spend about 15 minutes, here you find a diagram of the location provided by compensar that is the company that owns it.


If you travel from Bogotá the journey takes about 3 hours, you can take buses from the terminal to giradot and then a taxi to the hotel.

The installations

Lago de Hotel Lagomar El peñon
Lake of Lagomar El peñon Hotel

It is a very spacious hotel, with good facilities including the reception of a modern design, many recreation areas, surrounded by trees and lots of plants, ideal for nature lovers.

It has trails to walk comfortably and travel to all places, for some people it may be too big, we recommend you to read well the distance from your room to the restaurant and / or pool according to your priority.

It has a large lake in which you can practice some water sports and an artificial beach of more than 2000 square meters also for recreation, among other services the hotel offers:

Spining room, tennis courts, soccer field 5, massage room, game room, little golf, bowling, zipline, 4 swimming pools including one dedicated for children with water games, discotheque and convention room.

We chose the cabins because of their view of the lake, pool and spaciousness, they have a balcony, living room, two bathrooms and it is close to the restaurant.

As you can see is a very spacious room with the necessary amenities, 2 bathrooms, living room, satellite TV, air conditioning, bathrooms are well equipped with towels, hair dryer, insect repellent, shampoo, facial tissues, soaps and hot water.

Cabañas Lagomar El Peñon
Lagomar El Peñon Cabins

They give us an instruction with the information of the hotel detailed in which 6 jacuzis in total and 4 swimming pools stand out, unfortunately on this occasion 2 of them are closed for maintenance.

From our balcony we have a great view and we often see birds of all colors.

Meals and Food

The all-inclusive plan includes all three buffet meals, unlimited snacks from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon and unlimited soft drinks ie juices, soft drinks and lemonades.

Restaurante lagomar el peñon
Restaurant lagomar el peñon

Now we go to the restaurant, here we will have breakfast, lunch and dinner, each meal has certain schedules, for example breakfast is from 7 in the morning to 10 in the morning, lunch at 12 noon at 3 in the afternoon and dinner from 7 in the evening to 10 at night.

In each meal we find an excellent menu, wide and varied for the taste of each person, there are always desserts, all the meats and juices. the portions are very good and being buffet type can serve you the amount you want without having trouble to serve you more. You can put the dishes you want on your table and the taste is also good.


Tirolina hotel lagomar
Zipline lagomar hotel

You can also do boat rides with additional cost and we can find these beautiful friends, do not worry, just eat plants and they are harmless as long as you do not bother them.

Iguanas lagomar el peñon
Iguanas lagomar el peñon
Piscina lagomar el peñon
Swimming pool lagomar el peñon

Now let’s see the pool, I recommend this since it has a great view of the lake, jets of water and even a slide. It is appropriate for teenagers and adults, particularly we have liked the pools of this hotel since they are not covered with tablets but with a rubber one piece, it is much safer to be non-slip and is also cleaner since there is no Joints bacteria and fungi do not adhere so easily.

It is a good destination for holidays with your family, with many activities for children and adults. They have recreation and activities on the beach. You can be perfectly 4 to 5 days without getting bored for a second. The game room is simple but in good condition.

We value this hotel with 4 stars. If you want more information about the Lagomar El Peñón hotel you can visit official website: there you find the updated rates.

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