Around San Andres Island, San Luis Beach, Blow Hole

Blower Hole

Hoyo soplador san andres
san andres Blowhole

After lunch we visit the famous blowhole, it is a few meters from the restaurant, you will find many shops by the side of the road, you can leave the cart anywhere, the entrance to this attraction has no cost, the people who work there tell you this and offer drinks, thanking you for your support for their way of life, the cost of these drinks is quite high, for example a coconut lemonade can cost you 15,000 pesos. If you do not want to buy drinks there, we recommend that you leave the car outside on the side of the road as we heard some cases where tourists were hindered from leaving the cart because they did not buy anything.

When entering you will find many tourists and if the waves are adequate, every so often you will hear a roar coming out of the hole in the rocky soil, then a jet of air that will push the caps and hats of those who are close and in some cases pressure water. You must keep a safe distance and although it is something very traditional, it is not something that you should necessarily visit. the show depends on the swell of the day you go.

Once we pass the southern tip of the island and enter the western side we see how the waves begin to decrease, this side has no beaches but instead has the best scenarios for diving, 90% of the exits to dive are on this side. the edge of the coast is formed by quite sharp volcanic rocks and to enter the water you must wear shoes, in some points you will find a kind of docks where you can walk more comfortably. This area is good for snorkeling or, as we said before, for diving.

Sitios gratuitos para practicar snorkel
Free sites for snorkeling

It is not advisable to go with children because sometimes the waves are strong, it is not so easy to get out of the water (you must get out holding on to the rocks) and the sea is quite deep.

“La Piscinita” & West View

Throughout this coast you will find many restaurants with access to the sea, known as “balnearios”, among the best known is “la piscinita” is located about 3 km from the blowhole, there you can eat and then enter the sea to see many fish, access the sea is by stairs, the infrastructure is a bit poor.

La piscinita san andres
La piscinita san andres

Sometimes people confuse this site with another point later (1km approx.) Which is west view another similar watering place with a few more attractions such as a trampoline and a small slide, in the water you find many fish that you can feed .

West view san andres
West view san andres

Access to both la piscinita and west view has a cost of 5000 pesos about 1.8 dollars. to be there you need to know how to swim since the bottom is about 5 meters deep, if you do not know how to swim very well in west view rent life vests at 10,000 pesos, also rent snorkel and glasses but it is better to buy some in the center since you will use them in many places. the landscape in these two points is beautiful, maybe there is a lack of infrastructure, such as improving the bathrooms that are not very pleasant.

Aquanautas san andres
Aquanautas san andres

Next to west view we find Aquanautas which is also a very touristy place, there they rent you diving suits so that you can descend to the seabed for 25 minutes, without the need of diving courses or being very proficient underwater. You must be over 12 years old and not suffer from the heart or the ears. In the background you find a poseidon statue in which you can ‘have’ nice photos, we say it in quotes because the negative point is that they do not allow you to descend with cameras, if you want to have a souvenir you must contract with them the photo package that It has a cost of 80,000 and the cost of the activity is 100,000 pesos, that is, if you want to immerse yourself and have the memory costs you 180,000 pesos about 62 dollars. Our recommendation is that if you can dive it is better to take a mini diving course (we did it and we will show you in the next part).


Ensenada del cove San Andres
cove San Andres

After knowing these three parts we continue our way to the cove, it is a very calm and relaxing dock, it is not suitable for swimming since boats go out, but if to contemplate the landscape and take some nice pictures, the blue cove hotel located at the other end of the inlet and there if you can do activities in the water. After about 15 to 20 minutes we can follow the route.

Mirador San Andres
San Andres Viewpoint I Love SAI

Approximately 1 km later you find a viewpoint that is also a must stop on the trip, you can park at the edge of the road and take a picture with this huge sea of 7 background colors.

Morgan’s Cave

The last attraction that remains in this route is the well-known Morgan cave, is located about 1.8 km after the viewpoint, you must be aware of the signaling because in a cross you must turn right. you can park the car next to the road, the cost of admission is 15,000 pesos about 5.2 dollars. Upon entering you find a model of a small pirate ship, a museum with pieces in coconut, paintings and many articles related to the theme of piracy, at the end they guide you go to the cave which you descend and tell you the story of the iconic pirate, he supposes that he kept his treasures there. the cave is about 30 meters deep and about 120 meters long, however you can not walk through it as it has water inside. We really think that the price is very high for the experience that is offered and if you have ever gone there is no need for you to return.

From this point we are only 3.5 kilometers from returning to the city, if you have much time you can finish the tour slowly enjoying the view of the sea, the sun that is already lowering close to the horizon and the typical Caribbean constructions that you find in the path. around here you also find a gas station where you can fill the fuel you spent and so you do not waste time looking in the city because at this time many leave their jobs, there is more traffic and gas stations are filled precisely by so many cars; Fill the fuel here that is more alone and arrive quietly to deliver the car, the normal thing is that you spend 10,000 using the car for a day.

This has been all for today, but do not miss the last part of our trip, as we save the best for the end, the next entry will be 100% sea, we will visit the aquarium, we will have hundreds of fish by our side, and we will dive in the afternoon. Do not miss it!

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